Colonoscopy Myth #2: “Doc, I think colonoscopy is too painful!”

October 12, 2015

Actually, more than 99 percent of patients who undergo colonoscopy would agree that it is not painful.  As a matter of fact, most patients complain more about the preparation before the colonoscopy rather than the colonoscopy itself!  There are rare cases when one may develop bloating and distention due to various reasons and even less commonly if there are complications of colonoscopy. In almost all cases, adequate sedation is provided through conscious sedation (twilight sleep) or monitored anesthesia care for patients who require deeper sedation. Most patients don’t even remember the exam!

Of course, having an experienced gastroenterologist who is best trained to perform a colonoscopy would be an important aspect of colonoscopy.

We, at AGI, strive to make the experience of colonoscopy as comfortable as humanly possible.
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Please do not let a myth get in your way of preventing colon cancer.

Gilbert Simoni, MD, FACG

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